Friday, June 6, 2008

Pet Healthcare

"Healthcare expenses for pets are rising alongside the cost of medical care for humans, as more technological advances are made, veterinarians say.

Many U.S. pet owners are baby boomers who are no longer raising children and are willing to use a share of their disposable income to increase the quality of life for their animal companions, The New York Times reported Sunday.

"As we become a more pet-friendly environment, people want to take care of their pets more," said veterinarian Jerrold Boone.

People considering whether to adopt a pet should consider the potential cost, veterinarians say.

"It's not unusual to have bills over $1,000, and that can have a major impact when people are not ready for that," said Anna Worth, a veterinarian in Vermont and president of the American Animal Hospital Association."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Harry Potter: Abandoned Owls

"HARRY Potter is being blamed for a rise in the number of owls being abandoned at an animal rescue centre.
Staff at Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue Centre say fans of the J K Rowling's boy wizard have bought owls as pets, only to find they can't cope with them.

Co-owner of the rescue centre, Joy Pierce Jones, said: "Harry Potter was definitely one of our biggest downfalls.

"People have been phoning up rescue centres, wanting to buy an owl for their children.

"Owls just aren't suitable as pets and while they are generally friendly, they do have their off days and can bite."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Homeless Pets: China

"On May 12, 2008, an earthquake measuring 8.0Mw on the Richter scale hit China, claiming the lives of over 69,000 people and over 12 million animal lives. Countless dogs and cats are homeless, injured, and starving. Drinking water is polluted and there is a critical need for water pumps. Reportedly, there are some 30,000 pet dogs in one province alone, many of them now homeless.

Since the dog cull has been in effect, it is questionable if the government will allow rescue efforts to take place. Nevertheless, rescuers and volunteers are doing all they can to save as many animals as possible or at least offer them some relief amidst so much suffering. There is a desperate need for food for companion animals, and livestock feed, not to mention vaccines and other medications."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cash and Pets

"The trend of pets being shooed out the front door or abandoned in forest preserves has put animal welfare officials on notice that cash-strapped pet owners are in critical need of help.

“Obviously the goal is to keep these pets in the homes and out of shelters,” said PAWS Chicago founder Paula Fasseas, whose organization has deployed staff members to the Animal Care and Control lobby on weekends to counsel people who are coming in to surrender their dogs and cats.

Here are some ways to keep your pet and still be able to pay the rent."

"When you buy from a pet shop, you kill a pound pup. Save a life instead. Adopt from an animal shelter if you have the time and resources to care for a dog. You see, many of the puppies and kittens come from animal mills , where dogs and cats are abused for the dog trade. (Source: PETA)"

Monday, June 2, 2008

Slow Economy and Pets

"As food and gas prices climb, the housing market languishes and job layoffs persist, it's not only consumers who are feeling the pinch of a slow economy. Animal shelters and rescue groups are taking a hit, too.

The Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha is one of a number of area shelters that have seen an increase in owners voluntarily surrendering their pets.

Humane Society staff members, as a matter of course, ask people for a reason when they surrender their pets. A computer program records and tracks factors such as behavior and allergies.

Until recently, Wiese said, cost had not been one of the reasons given.

A few months ago, though, the society added cost to its list.

"The very fact that we're tracking it now shows that we're seeing an increase," she said."