Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boo Is Coming Home


When I see the money raised by Jericho fans for various causes, I am always reminded of those fans who helped save my Boo. Boo is my dog and you can read her story here.

I am thrilled to report that Boo is coming home after 8 months away from me. I cannot put my feelings into words.

I will be forever grateful for the fans who contributed money to make sure Boo could be transported to Indiana to live temporarily. I am grateful to Kestral and her family for taking Boo and treating her like family.

Jericho fans are an amazing bunch and I thank all of you who contributed money, support, and encouragement.

I'll let you know when Boo gets home. It will likely be next weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Allergic To Cats

"It isn’t very hard to determine if you are allergic to cats or not. Many people are allergic to these animals and already are aware of that fact, although they have never gone to the allergist.

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that it’s your feline that is causing your discomfort. What are cat allergy symptoms, however, and what do you do to alleviate them, without getting rid of the family pet?

Some Symptoms to Look Out For"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama Family Dog

"If Barack Obama is all about change, Best Friends Animal Society has a suggestion regarding the presidential candidate´s reported search for a family dog.

"Adopt from a local animal shelter."

The Utah-based organization feels so strongly about its message that it has launched the web site "" to spread the word about the importance of adopting from a shelter or breed rescue organization. The new web site gives people a chance to sign a petition that urges the Obama Family to adopt a mixed breed rescue dog—a recommendation in direct contrast to the American Kennel Club´s purebred-only suggestions for the Obamas.

"There are thousands of affectionate, loyal dogs of all sizes, shapes, and colors trapped in the animal control system who need a way out," says Julie Castle, director of community programs for Best Friends, home to more than 2,000 adoptable animals. "There are also plenty of purebred dogs that can be adopted from breed rescue organizations, without purchasing one from a pet store."

"Best Friends, along with many other animal welfare groups around the country, urge the Obamas—and any family considering a dog—to adopt one from a local shelter or breed rescue group, and never buy one from a pet store," Castle said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bichon Frise

"There is no doubt that Bichon Frise dogs are incredible adorable and it can take only one second to completely fall head over heals in love with that particular breed of dog. But before you bring home a Bichon Frise, it is important to know exactly what type of dog that you are dealing with, as not every dog is alike in their personality and what you can expect out of them.

In order to make sure that you will live together in peace and harmony, you must make sure that the Bichon Frise can give you what you will be expecting from it. By carefully looking over and learning about this breed, you will be able to determine if adopting one is the right decision for you. This way, when no mistakes are made, no one gets hurt and someone who does not mind the mannerisms of this breed can adopt the puppy."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Second Chance For Love

"If you have an inspirational story about your adopted dog, submit it to the Hill’s Pet Nutrition “Second Chance for Love” website. Participants must submit stories between 50 and 150 words, or a video clip less than 30 seconds that describes how you and your adopted dog gave each other a second chance for love.

Two grand prize winners will be award a $10,000 donation to a favorite shelter, a VIP shoot with pet photographer Jim Dratfield, and one year of free Science Diet pet food. Eight second-place winners will also receive rewards. In any case, your story can convince countless dog lovers to adopt from a shelter."