Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Lovable Pets





Paty's baby- Dolphy


Manny takes a rest


Here's Baby


Friday, February 1, 2008

A Happy Tail

Our Parade of Pets will return tomorrow but, first, here's Jake's story.

"Jake has been blind since birth, and was dumped on Hwy. 1 in Gulfport as a puppy. The local shelter rescued him and he lived with a woman in Gulfport for three years before she got divorced and had living situation difficulties and felt she couldn't care for him any more. The shelter contacted the School for the Blind thinking that some little blind child would like to have a blind dog. We explained that the blind kids really needed dogs that could see!!

Our Supt.'s secretary said she would post a notice on our bulletin board to see if we could find a home for him. My co-worker was walking by when the secretary asked him to post the notice on our end of the Admin. building. He read the notice on the way down the hall and, instead of posting the notice, he walked straight into my office and put it on my desk. He said he figured he might as well deliver it to "rescue central". LOL, I was dialing the number on the notice before I had finished reading it.

He's been with us now for 4 years and he has completely adapted to being a real dog. In his first home, he was crated all the time because they were afraid for him. At first we thought we would keep him enclosed by fencing, but if there is anything that can get out of a fence faster than a goat, it is a blind dog. His nose works much better than our eyes, that's a fact. He follows the scents of other dogs and runs through the woods without any problem. He goes all over, and then follows his nose til he gets home."


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pet Parade III

Baby Boo




Bonnie and Bingo


Nemo(Boo's friend)


Here's Ruth


Maggie Having Fun


I'm Klondike


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pet Parade I

Over the next several days I will be featuring a parade of pets. These all belong to assorted friends and they were kind enough to share their photos.

Let the parade begin. Be sure to come back for more tomorrow.

Baby Bruschi


Big Bruschi


Max and Gracie


Mr Man


Bruschi loves to ride


Monday, January 28, 2008

Pet Pawties

Many thanks to Alphawolf for finding this article:

"Petlane products are sold through direct sales at "pet pawties" similar to candle or plastic container parties. The adviser for the party pays $199 for a kit that will make them $400 in return. The only prerequisite for becoming a Petlane representative?

"They have to be a pet lover," Nemeth says, because not only do they demonstrate new pet products, but they also answer questions about pet care."

Interested in throwing a "pet pawty"? Call Petlane at (888) 870-8324 or e-mail to find an adviser.

More thanks to Kystorms for this one:

Michael Vicks' Dogs:

"Hector is one of more than 50 dogs rounded up in the raid on Michael Vick's house
Evaluator says most of the canines, surprisingly, were at least tolerant of other dogs
Advocacy group won court approval to transport 13 dogs from Virginia to California
Court ruling sends message to shelters: "You've given us permission to care"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Business of Pets

"If you think the dog walking business can’t bring in enough money to make a decent living, think again. There are certainly many people who do it as a way to make some extra cash, but there are also those who put their whole heart and soul into it and turn it into a lucrative business."

"The pet industry, always huge here in the United States, is growing by leaps and bounds. This is true especially on the internet, where people and pets from all over the world can come together. Online communities for pet lovers are not new, but they do get better with each generation.

I had to sign Bree up for the new pet social network at An Amigo immediately, of course. The other canines can’t have something she doesn’t. If she were human I’d probably be going broke trying to dress her in upscale boutique clothing."