Friday, June 20, 2008

PetSmart Charities

" PetSmart Charities today announced that it is sending even more pet supplies to the Midwest, where the devastating floods have displaced countless animals. Hundreds of pet crates, bowls, collars, leads -- and more than four tons of cat litter -- arrived early this morning in Iowa to help the pet victims of this disaster.

PetSmart Charities received a request for additional shipments of animal crates and pet supplies from the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and quickly dispatched two semi-trailers from PetSmart's (NASDAQ: PETM) Ottawa, Illinois distribution center on Tuesday, June 17. On board was a combined load of 26 pallets of pet food and supplies, including 450 crates, 120 dog collars and leads, 510 food bowls, 288 litter pans and 8,046 pounds of cat litter. The products were received by the City of Cedar Rapids at the Kirkwood Community College, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. S.W. in Cedar Rapids this morning.

Additionally, PetSmart Charities is responding to a request from Iowa City Animal Services for crates, bowls, leashes, collars and cat litter to aid in the animal-relief effort. Six pallets will arrive by trailer at the Johnson County Fairgrounds to assist pets at that staging area."

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adopt A Rat

"Thinking about a pet?

Consider a rat.

Please, say the folks at the Twin Cities Animal Humane Society, where officials are seeking homes for a sudden surge of domesticated rats dropped off at metro-area shelters.

The Humane Society has been inundated with more than 400 abandoned rats this year -- more than twice the number they had taken in by this time last year."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take Your Dog To Work Day

"On Friday, June 20,
Pet Sitters International's 10th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day(R) will kick off the summer celebrating the great companions dogs make and encouraging adoptions of shelter dogs. This fun day with an important purpose gives people a chance to bring their "best friend" to see what they do to bring home the chow while it encourages dogless co-workers to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

As "corporate canines" visit workplaces throughout the country, they won't
be the only ones with a spring in their step. Dog owners can revel in the
fact that research studies report a link between dog ownership and reduced
stress and improved health for their human companions. "There's nothing like
the loyalty and unconditional love of a dog to balance the fast-paced, high
tech nature of life today," says Patti Moran, President of Pet Sitters
International. "Whatever you have to deal with, when you come home and your
dog rushes to greet you with his tail wagging, the troubles of the day melt

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Helping Pets In Cedar Rapids

"CEDAR RAPIDS – The Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter was significantly damaged during flooding, forcing the evacuation of all animals. These animals were safely evacuated to the Tippie Beef Center at Kirkwood Community College
Animal rescue and sheltering operations have been set up at the Animal Health Technology Center at Kirkwood Community College, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW. We are providing temporary care and housing for pets whose owners had to evacuate or will not be able to return to their homes as well as providing rescue services for pets that are stranded.

At this time, the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter is sheltering approximately 400 animals and anticipate possibly housing up to 1,000 animals.

Members of the public should NOT attempt to rescue any animals themselves in order to minimize bites as well as avoid decontamination and related health issues.

Our primary need is for cash donations which will be used for those items not easily donated by the public or companies, such as supplies for the many volunteers needed to support the hundreds of animals the facility is caring for. We specifically do not need animal food, crates, or newspapers. We could use clean towels and blankets. These can be dropped off at the Animal Health Technology Center at Kirkwood Community College.

Cash donations can be made to the Kirkwood Foundation, c/o "Friends of the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter "(please put this in the memo section of the check) and mailed to 6301 Kirkwood Community College, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406"

Monday, June 16, 2008

SPCA Pet Food Bank

"In another sign of a struggling economy, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is opening a pet food bank in Monterey County for owners who are thinking of giving up their pets because they can no longer afford to feed them. The Central Coast's reports:

The SPCA’s Pet Food Bank, the first of its kind in Monterey County, is supported by cash donations and donations of unexpired, unopened pet food. Many needy families in our community are pet owners who love their pets but are having a difficult time providing food for both their families and their animals. This new program reduces the risk of families being forced to give up their beloved pets because they can’t afford to feed them."