Friday, September 12, 2008

Cat Reunited With Family

"A couple have been reunited with their missing cat after nine years, the RSPCA said on Wednesday.

Dixie, a 15-year-old ginger cat, disappeared in 1999 and her owners thought she had been killed by a car.

She was found less than half a mile from her home in Birmingham after a concerned resident rang the animal charity to report a thin and dishevelled cat who had been in the area for a couple of months.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Alan Pittaway checked her microchip and confirmed it was Dixie. She was returned to her owners, Alan and Gilly Delaney, within half an hour.

"In 29 years of working for the RSPCA I have never seen anyone so excited and happy as Mrs Delaney," Pittaway said. "It made my day to return Dixie to her owners."

The couple were "overjoyed" to be reunited with their missing cat after so many years."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

George Bush: Endangered Species

"For more than 30 years, the Endangered Species Act has protected wildlife at risk of extinction. Now the Bush/Cheney Administration wants to make some serious changes to this landmark law -- changes that would eliminate vital checks and balances that are crucial to protect our wolves, polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

Speak out now for polar bears, wolves and the nearly 1,400 species currently protected under the Endangered Species Act! Fill out the form below to urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to do whatever they can to stop this eleventh-hour assault on protections for our endangered wildlife.

We’ve provided some text below to help get you started, but personalized messages will be most effective. Please be sure to include any personal…

* Education or special expertise on wildlife
* Experience that informs your opinion
* Beliefs that shape your views on protecting wildlife"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin and the Polar Bears

This woman scares me more every minute.

"Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has ignored research showing that polar bear populations are declining in the quest to plumb new sources of energy, according to scientists, and environmental groups who fought to put the bears on the endangered species list.

The 44-year-old Palin, a beauty pageant winner and former mayor of a small town in Alaska, is an advocate of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She has infuriated environmentalists for her support of the aerial shooting of wolves as a way to build up herds of moose and caribou. She's also sued the Interior Department for putting polar bears on the endangered species list.

In the lawsuit, filed this month in federal district court in the District of Columbia, Palin argues that the government's move to list polar bears as endangered is not based on sound science, and restricts oil and natural gas development. The Interior Department had put the bears on the list in response to a lawsuit filed by environmental groups, who argued that the bears are being threatened by global warming."