Monday, December 31, 2007

More Than Turtles

"Turtle Gardens has Rescued and placed almost 4000 animals since we opened our doors to unwanted pets. Each is vaccinated upon arrival if needed, wormed, fed 21% dog food or fair quality cat food, spayed or neutered and started in basic obedience training. We use positive reinforcement training. Dogs thrive on clicker training. They learn HOW to learn. They learn what behaviour earned them a treat and are very quick to repeat it; be it a sit, walk on loose leash or come when called. All important to learn and continue. Our logo is the little shelter with heart but our policy is slow and steady; there IS a home for every pet."

"Here is the rescue tail of Marvin from across the pond in Scotland. Once again a sad story with a very happy ending. Don't you just love him in his stylish shades."

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