Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nevada Humane Society

"So in getting to know major detail is how passionate I am about animals. Wild or domestic, it doesn't matter to me. In turn, I wanted to remind you that adopting an animal.... could be the best decision you will ever make!

I am a volunteer at the Nevada Humane Society, located on Longley Lane near Rock Blvd. It is amazing how many animals they take in, how many get adopted, and how well the staff and volunteers take care of the pets. And we have fun! The dogs get out multiple times a day, in both the backyard and taken to local parks. And the cats have colonies, where they are open to the outside (screened in, of course), have condos to climb, and warm beds to sleep in. Yes, there are those that stay in kennels, but we have over 650 volunteers, and if you can imagine all of us socializing with the animals daily, that's a lot of love these little guys and girls get!

We have lots of animals, from dogs and cats, to birds and rabbits! They are up for adoption, usually with a fee of $50 for dogs and cats, and the others vary. However, there are always specials going on. All of our pets are fixed and vaccinated before they are even put up for adoption. We started a goal of creating a No Kill Community a year ago, and continually work diligently to develop life saving programs. We work side by side with Washoe County Regional Animal Services and all the many wonderful animal rescue organizations across the state."

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