Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

Very interesting post. What do you think?

"And, since I am a dog owner with more than passing interest in animal welfare, I carefully read the scathing complaint I got from an animal rescue group the other day. I called the sender, Laurie Blier, director of the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, which has been banned from ACC.

I also interviewed the person Blier was complaining about: Charlene Pedrolie, recently appointed head of New York City’s Animal Care and Control I learned that the issues are complex and that there are heartfelt opinions on both sides.

The brilliant columnist Jimmy Breslin recently told New York magazine he is disinterested in blogs because “They don’t even go in barrooms. It’s opinions written from the kitchen table!” I wonder if that’s what’s happening online in the emotional issue of Laurie Blier’s campaign against Charlene Pedrolie.

Blier’s petition to get Pedrolie fired has more than 1,000 signatures. The petition, and posts from a number of blogs, are making their way through Google toward the top of any search on Pedrolie’s name – clearly part of a campaign to discredit her."


alpha99wolf said...

How does one prove their own innocence? Are people too hasty in judgment or accusations? Too quick to petition, or not quick enough to stop abuse? This article has two opposing positions. As a reader, I must be objective. I don't know either party personally. The writer of the article also must be objective. Where is the truth? Having experienced false accusations myself recently, I can only hope that the truth will be presented in this particular situation regarding animal care. If the one director is irresponsible, than bona fide evidence must be presented. Rumors & hearsay are not facts. On the other hand, circumstances could lead to incrimination of either party. The animals are the victims in this case. I pray that the truth will work in their favor. I hope the guilty one will own up to their irresponsiblity. I know.......when "dogs" fly.

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