Friday, April 11, 2008

Black Dogs

"When Aaron Jones walks Gozer, his Rottweiler-hound mix, people cross the street to avoid them. Mothers scoop up their children. A lost motorist once rolled up the windows and drove off after spotting the dog. One woman screamed.

"He's the nicest dog I know," said Jones, 33, of Oakland, Calif. "It's hard to understand all the fear."

Gozer isn't aggressive and doesn't look mean or bark, Jones insists — people are afraid of the dog purely because it's big and black. As a puppy, Gozer was passed over for at least a month before Jones took him home."


alpha99wolf said...

It's interesting that people cross the street when a Rottweiler is around. I've been guilty of walking away and giving a wide berth to pitbulls. (Not the spuds Mackenzie type). Reason? Not the dog as much as the owner. Many owners of strong well-muscled or large dogs don't know how to handle them. That can be dangerous. If I see that the owner has control of his/her pet, than I'm ok. Very good article. Thank you for this. P.S. I used to have a 110 lb. Alsatian Black German shephard who had a little tan on his eyebrowns & legs. People were scared of him. Yet - he was the gentlest creature to adults & kids alike. Even saved our son from falling off his walker from a tiny step in our house. Our Reuben turned sideways to block our son. He was terrific.

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