Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pedrigee Pets

"In a sport where every lap counts towards the race for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, one of this year's hottest drivers is making every lap count for a cause close to his heart -- dogs. To help raise awareness and funding for the four million dogs in shelters and breed rescue organizations, dog-owner and NASCAR-driver Kyle Busch has joined forces with PEDIGREE(R: 70.91, -0.69, -0.96%) Food for Dogs -- NASCAR Fans' Best Friend and proud sponsor of the No. 18 PEDIGREE(R: 70.91, -0.69, -0.96%) Toyota -- to create "Kyle's Miles," a program aimed at raising $100,000 for The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive Foundation."

"The common practice of clipping a pet parrots wings so that it can't fly in its owners house may be causing more serious emotional trauma to pet birds then many people realize, and be a violation of their animal rights.

Thousands of pet parrots are developing psychological problems as a direct result from having their God given right to fly stripped away from them from unknowing pet owners.

This lack of physical ability to fly and exercise is causing thousands of pet parrots to pluck out their feathers, develop irrational phobias and have an inability to tolerate stress and or change in their environments."

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