Thursday, May 22, 2008

Season To Adopt

"Paloma is a runner. She loves to run. She doesn’t run anywhere in particular, mind you, she just enjoys the experience. Sometimes she gets to run in wide open spaces, like at the park, sometimes she runs alongside her mom’s bike, and sometimes she just runs back and forth through the house. To her, it doesn’t much matter, just as long as she gets to run. The way her life started out, however, it was possible that she might never have gotten the chance.Paloma is a one-year-old half English setter/half English pointer mix. Her name, which is Spanish for “dove,” was bestowed upon her because as a very young puppy, she was entirely white. The result of an accidental breeding between two show dogs, Paloma and her six sisters were unexpected and unwanted by the owners of both parent dogs. Fortunately, all seven dogs made their way to a pointer rescue shelter, and have since all found happy homes."

"So, it's May, and there are all kinds of babies being born. Chicks are hatching, baby turtles are coming up for air, kittens are plenteful, and of course, dogs are having puppies. Spring has sprung, and so have the baby animals.

This is the time of year where pet sales sky rocket. After all, the weather is nice, and people think of how much fun it would be to adopt or purchase a new furry family member. If this is you, that's ok, just try and be responsible about your decision. The shelters are full of animals that were bought in the spring and returned in the winter because things didn't work out. To prevent this, here are a few pointers:"

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