Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Dog

This Southern heat and humidity is too much for us after living in that Indiana weather.



alpha99wolf said...

Hey Boo! I agree with you about the heat.........only problem is....the heat is in the Midwest now. Just curl up and take a load off your feet, Boo. It's tropical everywhere!

Bubba said...

It is hot! Mommy won't let me spend more than a few minutes outside, and I'm hating it. My favorite thing in the whole world is laying in the grass in the sunshine, but it's just too hot!

Sweet Tea said...

Miss alpha, could you ship a ton of ice down here?

Mommy won't let me out long either. I laid on the deck today for 20 seconds and she made me come inside. I'll be glad to lay in the grass again soon.