Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin: The Wolves

Sarah Palin, the recently appointed VP of McCain, is the Governor of Alaska.

She has allowed the aerial gunning of wolves and a practice called "denning" whereby a family of wolves in a den is stalked, watched, and when the adults come out, they are shot. The little pups are then shot in the head by the Wildlife service.

"This woman, whether credible or not, is dangerous. We need to get the word out hard, fast and repeatedly to every animal loving republican we know that Ms. Palin offers $150 for left forelegs of wolves.

As a dog lover, I can tell you this more than disgusts me. Her beauty queen exterior belies her cruel interior."


Sharon_Hart said...

Great post! Truly beauty is only skin deep.

A legislative panel has launched a $100,000 investigation to determine if Palin dismissed Alaska's public safety commissioner because he would not fire the trooper, Mike Wooten. Wooten went through a messy divorce from Palin's sister.

Although Walt Monegan, the former public safety commissioner, does not go so far as to say that Governor Palin urged him to fire Mike Wooten, the Anchorage Daily News and other legitimate news sources report that he accused members of her administration and immediate family as doing the deed. In fact, Attorney General Talis Colberg's conducted an investigation and found that 14 members of the Palin administration — including Colberg himself — made calls to Department of Public Safety officials about Wooten.

In one of those calls, Frank Bailey, director boards and commissions, was tape-recorded as saying: "Todd and Sarah are scratching their heads, why on earth hasn't, why is this guy still representing the department?"

It seems that by selecting Palin, McCain may have embroiled his campaign with previously hushed whispers of Palin corruption. I’m reminded of the children’s nursery rhyme that says:

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you Sharon. You have added some very important information. How appropriate the nursery rhyme is too.

Mountain Woman said...

Thanks for sharing that information.

Christine said... If you'll go to that link, you'll see that the hunting of these wolves was not a willy nilly decision just to kill animals. It's a measure to control the population in certain areas, where families hunt the moose and carribu as food! I know that it sounds horrible to kill animals, but in some areas there are people who rely on the animal population for food. These measures are not taken lightly, they are to protect the moose and carribu population as well as the wolf and human population.

Sweet Tea said...

Christine, thank you for commenting.

“Over the past year, the state has produced several publications as part of its $400,000 public education campaign designed to inform Alaskans about the facts of its programs. Our scientific and legal review of this information has found similar omissions of critical information including overstating the impact of predation on moose and caribou populations and failing to recognize the importance of other limiting factors. The state’s recent omission of important facts regarding its control efforts in its ‘public education’ materials appears to be clearly intentional and designed to influence the vote on the pending ballot measure regarding the aerial hunting of wolves and bears. One has to wonder if the department tried to keep the killing of these wolf pups under wraps because of the upcoming vote.

“Predator reduction efforts deserve careful scrutiny and justification. The state needs to ban any control efforts during denning season. The state should make sure that any predator reduction programs are legal, justified and conducted ethically. The voters will have another chance to voice their opinion on this issue on August 26. The ballot initiative only restricts the use of airplanes by private hunters. It can’t remedy this kind of behavior by department employees, but it is a step in the right direction.”

Lux said...

I had no idea - how disgusting! Thanks for sharing ...

lala said...

Wow, I had no idea a practice like that even existed. How completely cruel. I used to have a wolf hybrid and I think they are the most misunderstood animals.

Thanks for sharing this info.

alpha99wolf said...

I thank you for this article. As a member of Defenders of Wildlife, this is true. Sarah Palin has allowed the genocide & cruel hunting of the wolves. Please look at the video to see how many times a wolf is shot by cowards in airplanes. THANK YOU, JANE for posting this. Please everyone go to Defenders of Wildlife site & see for yourself.

alpha99wolf said...

I hope that viewers read this with an open mind. It is one thing to hunt responsibly for food. It is another thing to hunt from an airplane. That is not sport. True hunters would not do that. Please educate yourselves and spread the word on this atrocity being done to wolves in alaska.

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you all for commenting. There are other options for these wolves than the one Palin chose. How can a person have compassion for human life when they care nothing for defenseless animals?

Cany said...

If I may, "other options" are not needed for the wolves. There exists NO problem.

Nature has not gone berserk, people have. The ONLY reason this is a practice in Alaska is to take the caribou and moose that wolves normally kill and set them aside for FOR PROFIT game hunters--read tourists.

This is NOT about stabilizing a population out of control.

Thanks for helping to get this info out.

BTW, she has litigated against the US Gov. for listing the polar bear (25% of the world's population is in Alaska) due to their current and projected loss of habitat (ice and ice flows) due to global warming, which the Killa from Wasilla denies being attributable to humans.

She is also trying to stop the listing of a population of beluga whales and several populations of seals.

Guardianwv said...

At nearly every opportunity, Governor Palin has sided with big oil,mining companies, wealthy trophy hunters and other entrenched special interests in support of policies that would greatly harm the wild animals we teasure.
Governor Palin barbaric record of killing America`s wildlife, especially her active promotion of the brutal aerial hunting of wolves and bears. The aerial hunting program she campions has already killed 800 wolves.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why killing is an option. I get really sick and tired of people calling radio shows to justify we have to thin the population out because there isn't enough food and we kill them quick and easy so they don't feel a thing. Sorry...if you can kill an animal then you are just plain MEAN!

Take the KILLING out of the option and you will be surprised how creative you might get.

OK Palin...why don't you take that $150.00 per dead wolf and instead buy some dog food for that wolf. $150.00 worth of dog food would go a long way for a wolf family.

In fact you could set up wolf feeding stations..where the wolf family and come to dinner. They would then not have the need to eat poor BULLWINKLE.....and can kill and eat BULLWINKLE yourself.

You people who try and justify killing and hunting of animals and defending Palin are just putting lipstick on a pig. Your justification still STINKS.

One last McCain. Most Republicans are not REDNECKS like Sarah. We love our dogs, cats, horses. We love wildlife..we think
polar bears are cute and wolves are majestic. I live in Missouri and we are mostly an animal loving state. Hunting isn't a big deal here ...but pets are.

I keep hearing Palin repeat over and over that you are the only one who has fought for us. I'm sorry to have to tell her that if you were fighting for us then you would have picked Romney for your VP running mate. Romney got the most popular votes from the Republicans. So it would only make sense to pick him as your running mate...50% of us wanted him ...not you. You're not running for us..your running for yourself and your big EGO.
I now have to sit this election out because of Palin ...the HITLER of animals.

Anonymous said...

The bounty on wolves claim is political mis-information to try to smear Gov. Palin. No matter what your politics, it's not fair to anyone to allow lies about either side to circulate on the net. I researched this claim on the Alaska Legislature site and submitted it to

If you look at the official Alaska site, the bounty was proposed by the Alaska Dept of Fish & Game (not Gov. Palin) to be used within a certain remote area where the wolves were decimating the caribou and moose herds as a means to protect help protect the herds. The wolves in this area are overpopulated and each spring during calving season they are killing off most of the newborn calves, homing in on them by the scent of blood. The wolves not only endanger the prey species in the area, but are invested with lice due to overpopulation. Wolves are difficult and expensive to control in this part of Alaska, so the bounty was proposed to help offset some of the expense. The proposal was never implemented. Bounties were historically paid to entice people to help control Wolves but they were ended in the 1970's. It is also notable that they do not issue "hunting licenses" for wolves only "control permits" because the sportsmen have no interest in them and they are not used for food. There are also some areas in Alaska where wolves cannot be killed at all because there is no threat to other wildlife.

While I am an avid animal lover and wildlife conservationist, I also realize there will always be hunting. Some areas of the country depend on hunting for a good portion of their food. Alaska has a long history of shooting wolves from low flying aircraft in the most remote areas (not everywhere). I am not advocating nor condemning this method because I understand the argument from both sides. Shooting from low flying aircraft is not something people do for "fun". They must remove the door from the plane and fly in sub-zero temperatures during winter months when the wolves can be tracked. The wildlife management reports I read, indicated that "wound & injure rates were very low" and they reported wound & injure rates associated with other hunting methods as well. The report also states one of the main reasons for collecting the forelegs is to ensure that animals are actually killed not just wounded. I think law makers have a responsibility to make and enforce laws that require humane hunting practices. As I read the 144 pages of the report I was impressed at the amount of thoughtful study and detailed information that it contained and that they actually are concerned with "wound & injure" rates, lice etc. - and that they outlawed shooting of wolves in areas where they are not a threat. I'm not saying they are perfect or can't be improved upon, but I don't believe this is as big an issue as some are trying to "spin" it to be.

I'm not sure what Mr. Obama’s position on killing wolves (or any other wildlife) is. However I do know he is personally responsible for blocking a bill that would have allowed doctors to give medical treatment to babies born alive after botched abortions. He listened to personal testimony from nurses who were only allowed to hold these babies for their short lives and watch them inhumanly suffer and fade away which often takes hours. Obama personally blocked the state bill even after wording was changed be the same as the Federal Bill which passed the US Senate unopposed (Both Hillary & Kerry voted in favor of the bill). I cannot vote for someone who has that little regard for human life. I also cannot imagine that someone who is not concerned with the humane treatment of newborn babies would somehow be concerned with humane treatment of animals.

Here are links to the full congressional testimony of some of these nurses- no spin added.
the federal law - no spin added

Jill Stanek is the nurse who took this issue to her state legislature. This is the link to her full report in Citizen Link (non-partisan)
(Yes, she does have an agenda too - she is pro-life, however her objective in this case was only to fight for babies born alive - not to fight all abortion.)

alpha99wolf said...

The only reason Sarah Palin is mention in the article is because she signed off on allowing private hunting licenses for hunters to use private planes to kill the wolves. Much research has been done. Interfacting with actual Alaskans who know the situation has been done. This is not about the Palin/Mcain or Obama/Biden political scene. This is about the cruel methods of hunting an animal that is not decreasing the herds of caribou, elk, etc. It is the hunters coming from around the world to Alaska to go on their thrill hunts. My concern is wolves, polar bears, wildlife. I also care about newborn babies. No matter who wins in this election, the aerial hunting must be stopped. It is cruel. It is not a political issue, it is a wildlife issue. P.S. The Alaskan site can put in print anything it wants to cover up. You know it, and we all know it. What is said on paper does not always mean it is utilized in reality.

Anonymous said...

I went through the roof when I first found out that Ms. Palin was selected as McCain's VP pick. I am both a Defenders of Wildlife supporter and the owner of a Siberian Husky/wolf mix and was livid to find out the news. However, when you think of it, it may be a blessing in disguise. Leaving Ms. Palin as Gov. of Alaska will do nothing to help the ariel wolf slaughter there. But, voting her INTO the do-nothing position of VP effectively votes her OUT of her position of governor. If you really care about the wolves and not the politics, then vote Republican ticket this fall. Maybe Palin's successor as governor of Alaska will be more sympathetic or reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this!

I'm a bit saddened that more people were not aware of this -- but so glad they are learning now!

As far as me, I've been a member of Defenders of Wildlife for about 8 years now. I'm a huge advocate for wolves, always have been, and I was aware of this going on in the Alaskan Murkowski administration. It made me absolutely sickened and disgusted.

It's horrid what some ignorant people have done and continue to do to our native predators -- wolves, coyotes, bears, etc. Some hunters feel threatened by these animals because they say they are "eating all the elk, deer, moose...." Some livestock owners don't like them because they go after their livestock (hey it's a nice steak dinner --what did ya expect?)

Livestock owners in the early year of our nation got together and pressed the government to "help them" with "predator control."

"The Biological Survey" took over this "job" and using taxpayer money, went on an all-out killing spree, changing the very character of the West.

What is now "Wildlife Services" (under the USDA) used to be called the Biological Survey. In the 1900's, W.S. went on an all out war to exterminate wolves and other predators to 'sanitize the West" for livestock owners! They hired people to do the killing who were generally low life kinds of people desperate for money.

These federal agents would kill wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, foxes, and many other animals deemed to be "a risk" to the livestock industry by any grisly means possible, poisoning, trapping, shooting....

Every year, Wildlife "Services" kills over 1.4 animals on behalf of the livestock industry (mostly). This includes the killing of about 10,000 MAMMALS per year -- foxes, coyotes, wolves, carnivore bears, beavers, mountain lions, and more. The worst part? They use OUR TAX MONEY TO DO IT! I am very sorry but that is NOT OK with me! Feel free to contact the agency in D.C. to get figures. They will refer you to their website which they have INTENTIONALLY made difficult to get that kind of information.

WildEarth Guardians (used to be also advocates for the end to this barbaric slaughter of our native wildlife. Some vocal wolf opponents in states like MT, ID, and WY hate wolves because they are livestock owners and before wolves were reintroduced, they didn't have to worry too much about predators-- they still did -- but not as much as the wolf is considered the "top" predator, so now they are scared and panicking.

Hunters are getting scared too and you will often hear "the wolves are eating ALL THE elk, moose, whatever." They "blame" wolves for decimating prey populations which is not true and has never been true. It's pure propaganda. Wolves do not eat "more" than they need and elk and the like are constantly on the move anyway. Nature knows how to regulate itself and wolves cull out the sick and weak first.

The Safari Club, (the most elite trophy hunting organization with millionaire members) helped Sarah Palin with her promotion of aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, financially backing the state promotion of it. Palin used taxpayer dollars to promote it as well for a total of over $700,000! They've killed 800 wolves so far since the program began (5 years ago?) by aerial killing. They run the wolf to exhaustion and then shoot it. They often have to shoot it several times to kill it, so the animal writhes in pain and agony. It's brutal -- it's horrible -- and it should be illegal. In fact, twice -- voters in Alaska voted it down -- and both times, hunting interests pushed it through! Now how can that happen except in a corrupt government?

It's not "hunting" in the sense that they're "hunting" them for food, etec. But they are hunting them to "get rid" of them to increase the moose and caribou population as Alaska gets a lot of money in from both in and out of state hunting licenses. Palin wants to ensure her hunters will get the moose and caribou they want. The problem is - it's at the expense of the wolves! And the taxpayer's money!

Back to "Wildlife Services." They are funded by taxpayers with the primary intention to protect the livestock industry. That is how they started, that is still what they do at their heart. It's wrong to use taxpayer money in this way -- they will actually go out in airplanes and shoot coyotes from airplanes IN ADVANCE of "calving season!" They're killing coyotes before the coyote even went after an animal.

Wildlife Services has no shame what they do to our animals. It's interesting though because they have recently made it much more difficult to find out how many animals they kill per year as they know it's BAD PR.

Please call or write "Wildlife Services" and voice your opposition to using taxpayer dollars to kill animals. (unless the animal is attacking someone).

Also I encourage anyone who is interested in protecting native wildlife like predators to read Michael Robinson's book, Predatory Bureaucracy: The Extermination of the Wolf and the Transformation of the West. It chronicles in detail how the feds and the livestock industry wiped out our native predators over the entire West for over 60 years. It has lists of bounties for wolves and coyotes in various counties.

Sarah Palin wanted to bring bounties back too! She said the state WOULD PAY $150 FOR the foreleg of any wolf!!! It turned out that this was illegal as bounties are illegal.

Also read "A Society of Wolves" by Rick McIntyre. He works at Yellowstone and is a professional naturalist. His book is incredible but sad as it shows photos of how awful our feds treated predators. Unfortunately, this barbarism continues, and with the help of wildlife terrorists like Sarah Palin, the barbarism will continue.

Palin wants to turn back the time to when "mavericks" would just run roughshod and kill any animal in their path.

I love this quote - it's one of my favorites --

“The root problem in the relationship between humans and Nature is our pathological drive to domesticate the land and to destroy those wild animals that do not accept our overlordship." -- Dave Foreman, president of The Rewildling Institute.

If that doesn't sum up the "conflict" between men and wolves, I don't know what doesn't.

Thankfully, organizations like Defenders and WildEarth Guardians and Keystone Conservation are working to stop the persecution of our most magnificent carnivores.

I would say it's long overdue.

Because I love animals, and especially have an affinity for the persecuted, yet very smart wolves, I will continue to work in my own way to help educate people about abuses of our wildlife

I cannot agree with the posting before mine that says to vote for Palin to get her out of Alaska. Being a VP, and her penchant for power, she will work to help states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming loosen up wolf regulations. It's a nice idea, getting rid of her in Alaska, but I don't think that will work, as she will have a national platform for her extremist wildlife (and other) views. In fact, they are also killing wolves from airplanes in Montana now too! It's barbaric!

Either way, please be sure to stay in tune with the issue.

Chris Hall said...

Ha! I've never loved Sarah Palin more.

Anonymous said...

Once the animals are gone - we are gone.

Anonymous said...

You are all so worried about the wolves. What about the all you liberals who support killing defenseless human children as they are being born (i.e. - partial birth abortion).

Anonymous said...

I could not possibly hate her more.

Isabel said...

Christine: but WHY should the killing of wolves be in such a cruel manner? If the Alaska Department of FIsh and Game think that wolves must be killed, shouldn't they do it HUMANELY?

I personally think this practice should be stopped IMMEDIATELY!

Paul from Gladwin said...

I live in Michigan. We bow hunt whitetail deer in Oct. Rifle hunt them the first two weeks of Nov. Then it goes back to the bow until the end of the year. Somewhere in there is a short period for muzzle loaders. There are still deer all over Michigan. The population is controlled by humans. If they get to thick, they start getting & sharing certain diseases. Also, during a hard winter, "winter kill" takes a toll if there are too many deer for the natural food supply. Sure, you could feed them...and then they get too thick per square mile, and then they get diseases. Sure, we could put birth control into their food. But, at some point, this is just stupid. Controlling the deer herd via controlled hunting makes the most sense. Yes, they do have a face, and they are cute. But, if we are smart enough to figure out that a certain amount of deer per square mile is healthy for the deer, so be it. Venison has a lot less fat compared to beef, so that could be viewed as a good thing. Get over it. Worry about tax rates, pollution, dependence on foreign oil, illegal aliens, and radical religious groups/countries that seek to destroy us.