Friday, August 22, 2008

Start Seeing Black Dogs


I received a comment on one of my older blog posts today and am delighted to share it here. Heather Rosenwald has launched a new website which provides free resources that rescue groups and shelters can use to increase the number of black dog adoptions.

They also provide information to increase public awareness about Black Dog Syndrome. This is very important information as black dogs are so often overlooked in adoptions.

Please visit this website and learn how you can help.


Is said...

I watched a few scattered scenes on Discovery about animal rescue groups are looking for adoptive homes for the animal that were saved after typhoon in US. Good job and may God bless you all.

alpha99wolf said...

It is strange that black dogs would have such a negative connotation. There is nothing more beautiful than the sheen of a shiny black coat on a dog, or any animal. How sad that they are considered vicious just because of their color. Thank you for bringing this to light and for the website where one can read about it.

BeadedTail said...

I've heard about the Black Dog Syndrome and just don't understand it. We've adopted two black chow mixes from shelters and they were wonderful pets (sadly they've both gone over the Rainbow bridge). People are shortchanging themselves by passing up black dogs.

YummY! said...

Poor black doggies.

My "chocolate" lab is so dark he's almost black.

I could go for a fluffy black puppy!