Friday, August 8, 2008

Time-Share Pet

"Penny De Los Santos wanted a dog but traveled too much to care for one full time. So, she opted for the next best thing: a time-share pet.

For two years, Ms. Santos shared a mellow female Husky mix with her neighbors, who took the dog for about one week a month. They split veterinary bills and the cost of vaccinations and heartworm pills. The neighbors called the dog Nika. Ms. Santos preferred the name Monica.

"It's kind of like Monica had two lives with two families," says the 39-year-old photographer in Austin, Texas."


Lux said...

Luxor's "mom" here:

I've heard of this before, but can't imagine doing something like that. Not when our cats are like family members. I guess it could work for some people, though.

BeadedTail said...

I've heard of this too and not sure I could do it. I can't stand to leave my pets for a few hours let alone for a whole week every month. I suppose it'd be nice to know the pet is well cared for while traveling. And, if it means that more people would adopt animals then I'm all for it!

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you both. I agree. My Boo is family and I couldn't bear to share. It would be nice, though, if it got more people to adopt.