Monday, September 8, 2008

Palin and the Polar Bears

This woman scares me more every minute.

"Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has ignored research showing that polar bear populations are declining in the quest to plumb new sources of energy, according to scientists, and environmental groups who fought to put the bears on the endangered species list.

The 44-year-old Palin, a beauty pageant winner and former mayor of a small town in Alaska, is an advocate of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She has infuriated environmentalists for her support of the aerial shooting of wolves as a way to build up herds of moose and caribou. She's also sued the Interior Department for putting polar bears on the endangered species list.

In the lawsuit, filed this month in federal district court in the District of Columbia, Palin argues that the government's move to list polar bears as endangered is not based on sound science, and restricts oil and natural gas development. The Interior Department had put the bears on the list in response to a lawsuit filed by environmental groups, who argued that the bears are being threatened by global warming."


alpha99wolf said...

Sarah Palin should scare people. If people read about her, do their homework, they will see that she not only despises wildlife, but she wanted to ban books (censorship) in a library, she is a "controller" and does not compromise. In a nutshell, she is a "Dictator." Read or

The Polar Bears are drowning as they try to reach ice that is breaking. They try to save their young cubs from drowning also. They can't. Without protection, they will all die. What kind of person allows wildlife or any animal to suffer a merciless death?

Claire said...

I've just given you an award. If you accept you can pop by to pick it up!

Rich Dansereau said...

She is going to kill the polar bears and advocates banning abortion in ALL cases, including rape and incest!?! She is unbelievable. Her brand of theocratic rule, which was obviously toned down at the recent RNC Convention, is as fundamentalist as the Islamic fundamentalists she tries to scare the country with; same wolf different clothing.
And that Drill Baby Drill mantra is scary as hell. She is definitely not progressive at all; she would rather drill than further develop alternative fuel technology.

Laane said...

I thought there was something big behind the choice of Mc Cain...OIL!!!!

Coudld't have been something else.

Empty Streets said...

I Strongly support animal rights and in helping people become aware of the abuse that happens to these innocent creatures. Adding your site to my blogroll so my readers can get to see and help get informed. Thank you for helping others see things through the eyes of these beautiful creatures