Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission


"Have you had a crisis with your pet that required you to seek emergency veterinary care? Have you been in the awful situation of not having the money to pay for it? Sadly, many pet owners cannot afford the treatment that their animal needs. Some of you had no one to turn to and were forced to choose inadequate care or even euthanasia. We want to hear your story. No pet should be denied emergency care because an owner has fallen on hard times. Let us hear from you, to help kick-start the birth of the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission. Help us meet our target
start-up date of January 1, 2009."

"Lack of sufficient funds can leave an owner faced with euthanasia for a beloved companion. The Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission (VEFM) helps locate these funds."


alpha99wolf said...

I've seen a person devastated by not being able to pay for their pet because the expense was monumental. I've seen an animal hospital turn people away if they can't pay. I have said that if I see anyone like that again, I will pay for their cost or at least help out somehow. It is so sad.

Dr. Schroth said...
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Dr. Schroth said...

I am very happy to see this link to our VEFM blog. We are making progress. Keep passing the word!

Albie2u said...

I live in northern va and my dog 8lb chihuahua is in need of surgery for kidney stones. He can not urinate. Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Schroth said...

I certainly hope that you have found some way to treat your little dog, because that situation is a true emergency. Even though the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission is not able to help financially, yet, if you go to our blog ( out web site (, there are links to organizations who might be able to help. It is imperative that you have this situation treated as soon as possible. I hope your little dog is better very soon.
-Dr. Lucy Schroth