Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boo: Hoping 4 A Miracle

Today seems to be the perfect time to tell you the story behind my reason for starting this blog. It's a day to give thanks and I would like to do that too.

My parents were of different opinions when it came to pets for me and my sister as we were growing up. My dad was an animal lover to the Nth degree while my mom only tolerated them. We were allowed to have pets but they were never allowed in the house.

When I was a teenager I brought home an abandoned Siamese cat I named George. My mom, surprisingly, let George stay in the house. After three years George died. I'd had pets die before but this one was different because we were so close. I am thankful I had George.

When I was in my 20's I adopted a mutt from the shelter and named him Sam. What a sweetheart he was! Unfortunately, a few years later, he ran out to greet my aunt and she ran over him. My grief was overwhelming and I still think about Sam often. I am thankful I had Sam.

Some years after that I had an Eskimo Spitz named Ike. He was so sweet and what a personality he had. I watched him grow from a puppy to a best friend. He stayed in the house until the day he went outside, got loose, and ran in front of a car. The driver never stopped. I am thankful I had Ike.

Abby was a Bassett. She was one year old when I got her from a lady who said she and her family were not at home enough to give Abby the attention she deserved and needed. Abby adjusted beautifully and we became fast friends. She loved everybody and was so gentle. She loved going for rides and sleeping with me. Maybe she loved chicken more than me because she seemed to be trying to talk every time I brought chicken home. And, what a sense of smell she had!

Abby would have been 3 in August 2007. In July we had one of our best days ever. We stayed outside most of the day and some children came to visit her. She loved children. For dinner that night we shared chicken. Later, she lay at my feet while I was on the computer. She always did that. Around midnight my roommate came home from work. Abby always ran to meet her at the door but not this time. We weren't too concerned until Abby seemed to have a hard time standing up.

To make a long story short we called the Vet who said to bring Abby in the next morning. We never made it. She died about 3 a.m. Abby took a big piece of my hear with her. I didn't eat or sleep for three days and the pain of losing her continues even now. I am thankful I had Abby.

Then along came Boo. Actually, her name is Arabelle. I named one of my blogs, Arabelle's Alley for her. Boo was born December 24, 2006 and I got her eight weeks later. I didn't really want another pet because I was still grieving for Abby but I decided maybe another pet was what I needed. I am so glad I made that decision.

Boo is a mixed Beagle/Black Lab. She took not only the part of my heart that was left but my life too. My circumstances had taken a turn for the worse so I was with Boo seven days a week 24 hours a day. We slept together, played together, loved life together. My circumstances became such that I had to find a new place to live. I won't go into all the details.

I had a neighbor and her daughter who visited every day. They loved Boo and she loved them. When I knew I had to go (no pets allowed)I asked them to keep Boo until the day came when I could get her back. I never doubted that day would come.

It broke my heart to leave Boo but she was happy. I'd go visit every few days and it was obvious she was well taken care of and she even gained weight. Then, my neighbor announced she couldn't keep Boo any longer. Why? Because my neighbor's son often came home late at night and would sleep in his truck which Boo hated so she'd bark for hours.(That wasn't going to change said the neighbor).

I checked with everybody I knew to see if they could keep Boo and they all said they couldn't. What a relief I thought it was when my roommate's sister agreed to take Boo. The only problem was that Boo had always been an inside dog and she now had to live in a small pen within a backyard fence. (There was another dog in the backyard).

After my first visit to Boo at her new home it was obvious how unhappy she was. I had not been gone ten minutes before I got a call that Boo had gotten out of the pen. I waited several days before going back to see her. She was absolutely wild and who could blame her? After I left she again tore up the pen and got out.

My roommate's sister called and said(in her usual unreasonable tone)that Boo had to go. Either I move her or she'd call the shelter. Some people have no feelings I suppose. I tried so hard to find somebody I knew who would take Boo but no luck. So, on one of the saddest days of my life, I had to take her to one of my area vets who will adopt animals out. She remains there today.

Why am I telling you all this? Partly because my grief and pain know no bounds right now. Part of me writes this because I'm hurt and confused. Only someone who has experienced a pet as family would understand.

I said all that to say Boo is the reason for this blog. Maybe somebody will find what they need here. Maybe someone will read this post and be able to relate. Maybe nobody will ever have to experience this kind of pain. I am thankful for Boo.

I hope I can report back soon that Boo has found a new home with people who will love her and take good care of her. Not that I don't want her;I want her back so badly it's killing me.In the meantime, I am hoping 4 a miracle that my Boo can return home to me. That's what it will take. One big miracle.

If you believe in prayer please pray for my miracle. I can't imagine my life without my Boo in it and I won't try.

Thank you.


terocious said...

I am saying a prayer.

Beth said...

As am I, Jane.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you both. I've loved all my pets but, as I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate them more. Giving them up, for me, feels like giving up a child.
I love you Boo.

AmyV said...

Wow. I really wish I could help. I'm so sorry Jane, but I have faith that circumstances will change and you'll be able to get Boo back home one day, and soon.

I remember how I felt when my beloved cats (sisters from the same litter) died just a few months apart a few years ago. I was really crushed.

Balceroregontr said...

Jane, You and Boo are in my prayers. We have had pets since I was 10 and I have been lucky enough to have all of them die of old age. When my husband was laid off twice in the past it was my biggest fear that we would have to move somewhere and not be able to bring our pets. Luckily this never happened. I pray that you and Boo will be reunited and if that can not happen that a home will be found for Boo that allows you to visit.