Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pets: New Lease On Life

I just learned about something called Black Dog Syndrome. It really surprised me. Black dogs are commonly the last, if at all, to be adopted. Go here and read more about it.

"Pet Guardian Angels of America (PGAA) – - is in its 10th year of providing free national pet adoption and rescue assistance, and Internet access to general and health information for all types of pets.

Since July, 1998 PGAA has maintained its free website at and has responded to an average of 60-90 e-mail per month, from around the country, relating to pet adoption and rescue as well as to questions regarding pet care and welfare."

"Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is a small non-profit animal rescue organization based in Arlington, VA. We rescue dogs, cats and small animals from rural mostly lower- income shelters in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and as far away as Georgia.

Sadly, without our help, all of these adoptable animals would face almost certain euthanasia - usually within days or hours of our rescuing them. Each year we take in hundreds of wonderful animals who were left at shelters by no fault of their own."

"Founded in 1961, "Buddy Dog", as it is affectionately known is a not for profit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding new homes for homeless dogs and cats. The Society is incorporated with one main objective, "giving a new lease on life to impounded dogs and cats".

Buddy Dog accepts homeless dogs and cats, in good health and of friendly disposition, which could, without our help, be destroyed. These animals find refuge at our shelter and can depend on becoming someone's forever friend. There is no time limit on their stay."

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