Thursday, March 20, 2008

Adopt A Cat

"Cats are sweet and cuddly! It’s easy to get swept up in the emotion and buy a cat without thinking. But that’s not how it should be.

Whether or not to adopt a cat is by no means an easy decision. It carries with it huge responsibility. You will have to take care of a cat until its death, which could be in 15 to 20 years. In addition, you should be ready to spend a large amount of your time feeding the cat, grooming it, and playing with it on a daily basis."

"There's good news for those who would like to adopt a pet but find visiting a shelter to be an emotionally draining experience. Now, thanks to a Web site, they can start their search online and make a considered decision. Plus, they can find more prospective pets to choose from than they would by visiting a single shelter.

Using, a person can search for a pet from the comfort of his or her own home. He or she simply types in search criteria and a zip code, then back comes a list of pets matching those criteria. The available pets closest to the person's home will be at the top of the list."


Mavis said...

Too have a pet cat & I take good care of her. Got her cat food through National Pet Pharmacy, it's great.

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you for the information, Mavis.