Saturday, March 22, 2008

Animals Need Help

"I donate this post to all of the wonderful bloggers that has helped our mission of getting the word out about animal cruelty, animal rights and helping all animals worldwide, pets and strays includes.

There are many great bloggers that devote either their whole blog or a post or 2 to helping animals, and I’m sure that I have forgotten a few, so please just add a comment and I’ll make sure I include you. Some of the way people have helped is as simple as a high five, a blog comment or a quick note letting us know they appreciated us being here writing about animal cruelty and the little jokes we throw in to add a smile to your face."

Lots of great blogs listed for you to visit.

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alpha99wolf said...

What a nice thoughtful note to all the bloggers. Yes! Thanks to all of you who care about animals and give vital information to people like me who also care. God Bless You All.