Monday, March 24, 2008

Pet Adoption Resources

Here's a website with tons of information.

"Welcome to our pet adoption mini website. Here you will find information about how you can obtain a pet through pet adoption. Here you will also find a list of resources you can use when seeking the right pet, along with the most current news about pet adoption. The information presented here is useful if you plan on adopting a pet in the United States."

"In my world, there are few things more noble than those who work on behalf of the homeless and unwanted pets in our area. To that end, I've begun assembling links for those groups dedicated to pet adoption and reducing the pet population through spay/neuter."

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alpha99wolf said...

Thank you for the great site on the pet adoption info. There was other information there that was helpful also. I agree - there is nothing more noble than helping those creatures who cannot speak up for themselves and totally rely on our mercy as human beings. Pets bring out the best in people.