Monday, April 14, 2008

Forever Homes

"One way you can help keep cats and dogs safer in a fire is with pet rescue window decals that will alert rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. And you can get them free from the ASPCA. We are going to order some today."

"A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue group that operates in the Northern Virginia / Washington Metropolitan area. We strive to make quality dogs available for adoption and do our best to match prospective adopters with the right animal!"

"Lindsey Wolko and her three English Cocker pups have officially launched a new Website, The retail site offers innovative, quality products for the safe transportation of pets in cars, airplanes, bikes, motorcycles and boats. The Website reflects Wolko's mantra of security, comfort and fun for herself and her pets, with a special emphasis on safety."

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alpha99wolf said...

Thanks so much for the link to obtain free decals for pets in case of fire. I already have a few, but need more for each window.
I've very grateful to this site that has vital info. re: pets/animals, rights of animals, etc. I look forward to reading it all the time.