Friday, April 18, 2008

Pets: Responsibility

"This is from the Humane Society of the United States website:

Knowing that pets usually have shorter lifespans than humans, you may have planned for your animal friend's passing. But what if you are the one who becomes ill or incapacitated, or who dies first? As a responsible pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, veterinary care, and love. To ensure that your beloved pet will continue to receive this if something unexpected were to happen to you, it's critical to plan ahead."

"If you've grown up with pets, it can be hard to imagine life without them. But if you've never had a pet, the idea might seem a bit daunting. There are many encouraging reasons for having a companion of the animal kind.

Responsibility is usually the main word that springs to mind when thinking about getting a pet. Whether it is furry, finned, scaly or feathered, a pet is a definite commitment; a commitment that, according to most pet owners, turns out to be highly rewarding and regret-free."

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