Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parrot and Pet Rescue

"If you are looking for a pet bird and also want to help a bird that is need of rescue,you can choose to do a parrot rescue adoption from a parrot sanctuary. Parrots are wonderful birds that are intelligent and can make for great companions. There are, however, people who should and should not adopt and exotic bird."

"Eligibility: Anyone who has adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue organization and has retained their adoption paperwork is eligible to receive this free kit, regardless of how long ago the pet was adopted. Limit: One kit per household.

The Proud 2 Adopt™ Care Package includes:

* Congratulatory certificate
* Proud 2 Adopt™ T-shirt
* Proud 2 Adopt™ bumper sticker
* Proud 2 Adopt™ lapel pin
* Proud 2 Adopt™ pen
* Adoption brochure"

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