Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Pet Or Your Home

"Most people would never fathom having to choose between their pets or a roof over their heads. Unfortunately, in the valley, it's a reality perceptive tenants are forced to contend with.

"We actually became homeless because we had pets," says displaced resident Nancy Grenia.

Grenia and her family, which include two dogs had to move, and fast. Her husband had recently suffered an injury at work, which sadly left him out of a job and home.

With 30 days to find something suitable for them, their two kids and their dogs, Grenia was determined to find them a new home to rent. But it wouldn't be easy.

Placing an ad in the paper, describing themselves and their well-behaved pets, the family was optimistic they would be able find a place to call home. The ad ran for three weeks. The family received no calls.

Meanwhile, Grenia was calling every suitable rental ad, imploring apprehensive potential landlords to meet her pets."

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