Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Uncle Sam of Pets

"Actor, veteran stand-up comic and author Richard Belzer adds another leading role to his acting resume. He’s now the “Uncle Sam” of the pet world.

In a new campaign to help shelter animals, “We Want You … To Adopt,” Belzer assumes the compelling glare of the iconic 1916 recruitment poster. In his latest role as the star of a national shelter animal adoption public service announcement launched by North Shore Animal League America, Belzer’s portrayal of the patriotic figure seeks sign-ups to take a shelter animal into their home."

"Dog training, behavior modification and consultations from experienced and dedicated trainers you and your dog deserve!

The Republic of Dog is simply all about DOGS. Our goal is to create responsible DogizensTM, or "Dog Citizens". We train dogs to be outstanding members of their communities as Ambassadors of Canine Behavior.

Our training methods are based on the latest techniques. We use positive rewards (treats/toys), praise and fun to make your training experience as successful as possible!

Thank you for stopping by The Republic of Dog...
-Where Dogs Rule!TM"


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Sweet Tea said...

Thank you so much. It's a wonderful thing when someone finds any information here helpful. That is the goal.

Thanks again.