Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin and Painful

"The wolf is an intelligent, handsome creature and, for many visitors to Alaska, an integral part of the state’s wild appeal. Wolves live in complex social structures, mate for life and don’t attack humans — it’s easy to see in them the family resemblance to mankind’s best friend.

That’s what makes it so painful to look at the video of an aerial wolfhunt in Alaska that has been circulating since Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was nominated as Sen. John McCain’s running mate on the Republican ticket."

Please watch the video here.


alpha99wolf said...

The article is factual and contains a wealth of information. The video is also factual, it has many experts talking about the situation in a balanced way. It is worthwhile for everyone to educate themselves regarding the wolf. There is a saying that goes:
"What we fear, we destroy." Knowledge is key in protection these animals.

gaga said...

Wolves and Bears play the role of predators to have check and balance of the ecology of a place. If they are extinct by mna's action, It will be a terrible reality that people like Palin do it for sport and profit and bring it to the extreme.

I am afraid that Americans will vote again for "sincere idiots" to run the government.

- Gaga
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