Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin: Champion Barracuda

"As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has championed aerial gunning of wolves and bears. Using powerful images of this needless and brutal practice -- and the indisputable facts about Palin's promotion of it -- we've created a hard-hitting new television ad to educate voters about what Governor Sarah Palin really stands for.

As governor, Sarah Palin...

Proposed paying a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf.

Approved a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting.

Introduced legislation to make it even easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

Help run our new ad and support wildlife-saving efforts across the country. Please donate now!


alpha99wolf said...

Donating any amount will help the facts to be presented. The truth about any candidate should be exposed to the public. The public has the right to know. It doesn't matter which candidate. In order to make informed decisions, we need to know all the facts. Then we can vote responsibly.

Mike Golch said...

sounds par for the course.

Rattitude said...

That just turns my stomach sour.

maayangordon said...

Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am currently raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other people's pet experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities.

FRIGGA said...

Humans are more important than wolves. Wolves are wild and viscious animals. Just like NY has rats that need to be killed, except wolves pose an even larger health risk to the population.

I don't hate animals.

But I put human life first, always.

alpha99wolf said...

"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." - Immanuel Kant"

Wolves stay away from people because they know what we are like.

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