Monday, November 26, 2007

Pets And A Petition

Here is a great article about getting a pet for Christmas. A few years back my sister and I decided to get our mom a puppy for Christmas. After much thought we decided to wrap up a picture of the puppy instead. Sure enough our mom said she really didn't want a pet at that time. It saved everyone a lot of trouble.

"Now that the holidays are upon us, I wonder how many kittens and puppies will be under the tree for Christmas and dumped on the streets by New Year’s Day. Although it’s been said many times, many ways, it bears repeating every holiday season: Please, please, don’t get a pet for Christmas unless someone in the household will take the responsibility for it."

Please sign this petition:

"Antifreeze is sweet: animals...and sometimes children...are attracted to this common, but deadly, fluid. A simple bittering agent, denatonium benzoate would make this sweet,bright colored substance taste..yuck, and thousands of animals lives could be saved every year. Hundreds of children could be prevented from visiting emergency rooms. The cost minimal...just pennies per gallon. A small price to pay to save a life! Please help me get a bill introduced and passed into a law by signing this petition. I am eleven years old and lost my beloved golden retriever Sam and my faithful companion Jessie to intentional antifreeze poison. Two wonderful animals within days of one another. Please help me prevent other animals from suffering this horrible death. Please consider using your name instead of being anonymous this will help me with presenting the petition for consideration of a bill."


terocious said...

This is a terrible story and I consider the child who started this petition to be a hero because she has used a great personal tragedy to give her cause to work for a greater good. I signed the petition and encourage others to do so as well.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks Tero. What a tragedy for this young girl. I'm happy to see her working for this cause.

To anyone who would do something like this to animals I hope for harsh punishment.