Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Animal Advocacy

*** I have the flu. Hope to be back Wed.***

Always a favorite of mine. You can't go wrong visiting Jaya's blog.

"Thoughts and images from a hermit who lives with nine cats in the wilds of New Mexico, while working at a secret Zombie Free Youth Shelter. Lights, laughter, color, cats…"

"It’s a new year, and Advocacy for Animals has compiled a list of tips for people who would like to incorporate more animal-friendly practices into their daily lives. This is just a sampling of the many things you can do that will make the animals in your life—and the animals of the world—happier and healthier. We hope you find these New Year’s resolutions to be helpful."

"While we all are aware of health insurance for use, pet insurance is not familiar to some, but it may be valuable to owners.

Knowing the positives and negatives of dog health insurance can help you make a better choice, and possibly save money as well."

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