Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Dog Log Has New URL

"We purchased our own domain name a couple weeks ago, so we have a new URL for The Dog Log. For those of you who link to us, would you mind changing our address on your link list and if you had us marked as a favorite at Technorati, would you fav our new URL. Everything is being redirected from the old URL to the new one, but our Alexa ranking started all over as well as Technorati, and the more links the new one has, the more it will help us get better "paid to post" opportunities, so we can make more money to donate to needy pups. We appreciate your help."

"The Alabama Humane Federation consists of animal control agencies, animal shelters, humane societies and the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association--we want every animal welfare organization in the state."


The mission of the Alabama Humane Federation is to promote the welfare of animals through an association of animal care and control agencies, and concerned individuals working cooperatively in education and legislation."

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