Saturday, February 9, 2008

Actions Are Much Louder Than Words

I started this blog for animals and pets of all kinds. It's not just about rescuing animals although I feel strongly about that. This blog is also to spread information and to relive memories of pets I've owned. Anything about animals is fair game.

Some memories are best left undisturbed but I suppose they always churn to the surface at some point in time. Which is why I tell this story now.I'll shorten it for your sake but it is a true story.

I've mentioned my sister a couple of times and I always believed her to be a true animal lover as was my dad and myself. She has lived in the country since she left home at age 16 and has always rescued strays. She would have as many animals as room would allow.

Then, five years ago, something happened which made me see my sister in a whole new light. It wasn't pleasant. We have not spoken in 5 years and, unfortunately, it's all because of her animals.

I owned my house which I lived in and I had inherited one. My sister called me one day and asked for a place to stay for a while so I let her live in my inherited house rent free. I didn't think anymore about it.

About two weeks later she left. Not a word to me. The next thing I knew I was receiving a call from a neighbor asking me what I was going to do about the dogs. "What dogs?"

Sure enough, I go check and there are 4 dogs in a pen in my backyard. No shelter from the rain and only a little food. I called my sister about them and she claimed her son was feeding them and she'd get them when she could. I called my mother who told me no one was feeding the dogs because they hadn't known my sister was gone either. She had made no arrangements with them to care for the dogs.

To shorten the story further the neighbors called Animal Control who came and picked up the dogs. My sister went ballistic, cursed me out, and has not spoken to me since.

She never was one to take responsibility for her actions so I'll leave her be. I suppose I'm still in shock because I thought she loved animals too. Her actions speak much louder than words.

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