Friday, February 1, 2008

A Happy Tail

Our Parade of Pets will return tomorrow but, first, here's Jake's story.

"Jake has been blind since birth, and was dumped on Hwy. 1 in Gulfport as a puppy. The local shelter rescued him and he lived with a woman in Gulfport for three years before she got divorced and had living situation difficulties and felt she couldn't care for him any more. The shelter contacted the School for the Blind thinking that some little blind child would like to have a blind dog. We explained that the blind kids really needed dogs that could see!!

Our Supt.'s secretary said she would post a notice on our bulletin board to see if we could find a home for him. My co-worker was walking by when the secretary asked him to post the notice on our end of the Admin. building. He read the notice on the way down the hall and, instead of posting the notice, he walked straight into my office and put it on my desk. He said he figured he might as well deliver it to "rescue central". LOL, I was dialing the number on the notice before I had finished reading it.

He's been with us now for 4 years and he has completely adapted to being a real dog. In his first home, he was crated all the time because they were afraid for him. At first we thought we would keep him enclosed by fencing, but if there is anything that can get out of a fence faster than a goat, it is a blind dog. His nose works much better than our eyes, that's a fact. He follows the scents of other dogs and runs through the woods without any problem. He goes all over, and then follows his nose til he gets home."



Jericho Returns said...


Hwy. 1 is incorrect. It should be Hwy. 90.

Briarpatch said...

I told Jake last night that he was going to be a star, but he didn't care. All he cares about is being warm and snuggling in the bed, and running through the woods. Oh, and food, don't forget that.

alpha99wolf said...

Jake is an example to humans. He is a real sweetheart. He sees what many of us don't. This is a wonderful happy story - all about love and acceptance.

Margaret said...

Blindness in dogs is not the tragedy that is in humans. Dogs rely so much on other senses that losing sight is not as traumatic to them.

I've had several bind dogs throughout the years. Rescued a blind poodle from the shelter and gave him a good home for the rest of his years (he was 12 when I rescued him and passed on at 16). Another dog I had with a disability was a deaf dalmatian. She learned hand signals and would do tricks.

These dogs are so very trainable and make WONDERFUL companions!

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you all for commenting.
Briar, you are so blessed to have Jake.

Alpha,you're right. It's all about love and acceptance.

Thank you for sharing.That's amazing how well they can adapt.