Monday, January 28, 2008

Pet Pawties

Many thanks to Alphawolf for finding this article:

"Petlane products are sold through direct sales at "pet pawties" similar to candle or plastic container parties. The adviser for the party pays $199 for a kit that will make them $400 in return. The only prerequisite for becoming a Petlane representative?

"They have to be a pet lover," Nemeth says, because not only do they demonstrate new pet products, but they also answer questions about pet care."

Interested in throwing a "pet pawty"? Call Petlane at (888) 870-8324 or e-mail to find an adviser.

More thanks to Kystorms for this one:

Michael Vicks' Dogs:

"Hector is one of more than 50 dogs rounded up in the raid on Michael Vick's house
Evaluator says most of the canines, surprisingly, were at least tolerant of other dogs
Advocacy group won court approval to transport 13 dogs from Virginia to California
Court ruling sends message to shelters: "You've given us permission to care"

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alpha99wolf said...

I think that all of the rehabilitated Michael Vick dogs deserve a "pawtie" of their own with lots of toys bought for them. Kystorms' submission of the story about those poor victimized pit bulls includes a video that all ought to see. Outstanding! Jane, thanks for these articles.