Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Dogs

"It's not like Pamela Gregg was a stranger to helping out the underdog. She thought she knew what kinds of pooches linger the longest in animal shelters: Older dogs, abused dogs, sick or injured dogs — dogs like George Bailey, the hound mix she'd rescued after he'd been struck by a car.

But black dogs? While searching for a companion for George Bailey, Gregg was shocked to see a banner on an Ohio animal shelter's Web site that detailed how tough it is for big dogs with black coats to find homes."

Excellent tips for finding a lost pet.

Go here.


Jen said...

You always find such interesting articles, LOL! The one about "black dog syndrome" is fascinating! I've always known that black dogs have a tougher time getting adopted, but I've never actually seen an entire article devoted to the subject. Thanks for sharing!!


Jericho Returns said...

Thank you, Jen. I also found this to be of interest because I love black dogs. Some folks don't I guess.
You're welcome.