Friday, March 7, 2008

Pets and Economics

"This is no light-hearted, middle of the road offering from the coffers of Muttspace. No, this is a call to arms! It seems that the family dog is the latest victim of economic fallout. Cut down on the rawhide you say? Doable. Maybe a switch from Nutra to Purina One may help allay some food cost fears?? Surely it must, at least on the surface. What other adjustments are some Americans making in regards to the economic pressure the family dog inflicts on the budget? Well, what some responsible dog owners have taken to is the most un-American of all choices…they are giving up. Cut and run. Drop the dog at the shelter and go fill up the Hummer 2 with some petrol. Beyond Hillary v Obama, beyond WMD - doggonnit beyond Brittney for mutts sake. Is this what our country is coming to? We know about consumption and a disposable society - but c’mon. Our dogs are not disposable!!!"

"What is the simplest way to attract attention of everybody?

Adopt a rat as your pet-animal, train it to make some interesting tricks and go for a walk or visit your friends with it."


alpha99wolf said...

WOW....or shall I say "Bow-Wow." This magnificent article speaks the truth! Instead of treating the family pet as crucial to the family, the pet is thrown out when times are tough. But go out and buy that iPod or WiFi or whatever. Hate to say it, but there are some people that ought to be given away instead of the family pet. Sorry, but this sad state of affairs regarding dumping the animal family member is atrocious. I know for a fact, someone who had to give away their pet temporarily, but moved heaven & earth to find a temporary home (soon to be reunited). That person was helped by some "angels" from a web forum. Now that is what I call love. That is what I call an example for anyone thinking of dumping their animal person. Hope this article gets read by those who need it. Thank you and Bravo to the writer!

Julie said...

I read about this new trend a few weeks ago and it just made me sick. You know, you're either a true pet lover or you're don't ditch your pet because time's are wouldn't do it to your child and you shouldn't do it to your pet. I don't dispute that times are hard for some people, but you can cut your pet expenses for a short time if need be by switching to more affordable food, etc.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks wolfie. Yes, my Boo is safe & sound until I bring her home. I do not understand how anybody can give up their pet without a fight.

Thanks Julie. It makes me sick too.My baby is my child & my family. Times are hard but it can be done. There are so many ways to cut back.