Monday, March 3, 2008

Pet Food Challenge

I love and the new challenge that's been posted.

"More specifically, I am challenging every person who is able, to donate an amount of pet food equal to his or her own body weight. It doesn't cost a fortune, there is no tax and no shipping charges and if you do it through the Pedigree site they will match your donation . So in order to participate in the challenge you can buy half your body weight in food and let Pedigree match it to complete this challenge.

This challenge will run for the entire month of March. If you have participated in this challenge, let me know by commenting on this post. I have no way of knowing if you did it, so this part of the contest will have to rely on the honor system."

"At Feral Cat News, you'll find the latest news articles from around the world about feral cats and kittens. We also publish items of general interest to all feline lovers."

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alpha99wolf said...

Ferrets become status symbols for many people who think they are cute. Unfortunately, when the ferret acts like a ferret, the owner then decides to get rid of it. People ought to think carefully prior to obtaining any pet. Ferrets especially can be conversation pieces. Unfortunately, when the owner tires of their energy & needs, that is when the conversation turns to getting rid of the ferret. Very sad.