Monday, March 31, 2008

Watch and Train

"Watch and Train, LLC was founded by Jeff Millman, one of the most well-known trainers in Chicago. Jeff also runs Chicago Paws, a very successful, private dog training business.

Jeff only uses positive reinforcement, which is based on teaching and rewarding appropriate behavior. Jeff does not believe in using choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or fear to teach dogs. You will see in the videos specific examples of teaching dogs how to behave better. It is an often misunderstood style of training. Positive reinforcement training does not mean allowing your dog to do whatever he or she wants to do. It does not mean having a misbehaved dog. It does not mean your dog will get fat. It does not mean you have to use treats forever."

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alpha99wolf said...

Positive reinforcement does work very well. I've noticed the progress in my two dogs when positive reinforcement is utilized rather than scolding, etc. There is a happy medium. Super article about Jeff Millman and his Watch & Train classes. Thank you.