Friday, April 4, 2008

Adopt A Pet Process

"So, what happens when you're serious about adopting a pet from a shelter?

Mullins said that the first thing they will do is introduce the potential adopters to the animals.

"If something happens to strike their fancy, they can come and ask us if we know anything about the animal," she said.

There is then a pre-adoption application to fill out. The Humane Society will decide whether or not to approve the application. If it is approved, there is a $100 adoption fee for a dog and $80 for a cat. The animal will not go home with its new parent the same day. It will still need to go to the vet and be spayed or neutered, if that is necessary. The adopter will also be responsible for those costs as well.

It's an involved process to adopt a pet. If you're looking to go right down and pick one up the same day, it's not going to happen."

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alpha99wolf said...

It is a good thing there is a process for adopting a pet. The waiting time can be helpful in ensuring that the prospective owner really wants to devote the time and money to the pet. Great information.