Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pets and Your Health

"In the United States, one out of every two households owns a pet. Studies indicate your mental and physical health can be positively affected by owning a pet. Today, stress is ever present in our daily lives and animals have proven to function as buffers against this stress. A University of California study determined that people with pets are less affected by stress than people without pets. Just by petting an animal, you can reduce stress and blood pressure. A study in Australia by Baker Medical Research Institute determined that pet owners have significantly lower blood pressure than people who do not have pets. Often, people with pets have better physical health and experience a reduced use of prescription drugs."

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alpha99wolf said...

Great Blog, Jane! Another profound point about pets is that it teaches a person to love. To give and love something or someone other than themself. To take time to care for someone or something other than themself. I'm suspicious of people who don't have pets. Even a fish or geicko or bird or just something to give time & love to. If one can't literally own a pet, then they can support an agency for animals or adopt a wolf, bear, dolphin, etc.