Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bloggers and Their Pets

I love this blog.

"This is the first in an ongoing series of posts taking the spotlight off of the bloggers themselves and focusing on their wonderful pets.

After all without bloggers best friends how could we keep blogging."

To submit your pet click here.

Great blog. I found it recently.

Living With Funny Cats In Egypt

Check it out.

"Question: How do I choose the pet that is right for my family?

In the first place, never buy a pet on a whim. Bringing a cute kitten or puppy home just because it was too cute to pass up can be a mistake.

A better option is to discuss the matter of pets with your family first. Make a point to consider the following in your discussion: grooming, daily feeding, playtime, personal attention, veterinary care and house training (where applicable)."


Saint Lover said...

I agree 100%! People make rash emotional decisions when choosing pets with out doing any research on the breed. I do saint rescue and can not tell you how many times I hear - it just got too big.... ummmm its a freaking saint bernard! Did you not "KNOW" it was going to get big?!

Education and planning is key when making an addition to your family.

Forest said...

Hey thanks very very much for mentioning my blog.

Boo will be up on the blog sometime tomorrow.