Sunday, April 20, 2008

Neutering Cats

" Getting your cat neutered is a serious decision to make for both you, and your pet. The term neutering applies to both sexes of cat - castration in males, spaying in females. It can be done anytime after six months of age and involves the removal of the testicles in the male cat and usually tying the fallopian tubes in females, though vets may vary in their practice towards females. It involves a general anesthetic for either operation but on the whole the cat will recover quickly, though the operation and recovery time is longer in a female than a male. The female cat will usually have dissolvable stitches that will come out on their own, although you will have to keep a close eye on their wound for a while."


Lindsay said...

All of my pets have always recovered very quickly, always within a day or two.

Ferox said...

That's not right. The ovaries must be removed from a female cat for her to be considered neutered, tying the falopian tubes is just not enough. It's more common to remove the ovaries and uterus, but a simple ovarectomy is slowly becoming more popular.