Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beagle Labs

"Find beagle lab mix dogs at rescues and view a photo and profile. This is a popular dog breed known for its strong hunting instinct. Used as rabbit and hare hunters in the past, these dogs still can be used as gundogs. However, their friendly nature makes them more and more popular as family pets and companions. Hunting instincts cannot be bred out of these dogs completely, even if they are used as pets, so these hounds have a tendency to follow their noses and take off, if left off the leash."

Here's my beagle lab, Arabelle (Boo).




alpha99wolf said...

Arabelle (Boo) is so cute and adorable. Boo is a special dog. Loved by special people. One thing about dogs in general: no dog can be trusted off-leash. Certain breeds are more famous for their hunting instincts. However, in my personal experience, any dog will chase a rabbit, or run after something. It is best to play it safe. I've had 3 tragedies in my life involving dogs hit by cars. One was a pure-bred German Shepherd, another was German Shepherd mix, both were trained, and one was a puppy mutt (stranger's pup) on a country road. Fate was not in my sphere of control at that time in my life. The sorrow haunts me to this day. So, I say - Leash and Fence. Dogs will be dogs.

Sweet Tea said...

Thanks for commenting Wolfie. Boo is very special and is most loved. She's a lucky girl and will be home soon.

I have never let Boo outside without her leash but she has managed to run off a few times. I am careful because she doesn't know cars can hurt her.

Dogs will be dogs for sure.

LisiBee said...

Oh, I love seeing pictures of Boo!! :)

Sweet Tea said...

LisiBee, thank you. I must say I love seeing them too.