Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pet Overpopulation

"There is a severe overpopulation of cats and dogs roaming the streets all over the world. Some animals that are not getting proper care and are being abused by their owners tend to escape from their mistreated homes and tend to wander off on their own.

Because of this situation, there are now lots of domesticated animals that are caught and placed on animal shelters or dog pounds, just waiting for someone to adopt them. However, there are lots of municipal shelters that can no longer adopt this great number of abused or abandoned pets, so they just kill them."

"Pet overpopulation is definitely a problem in our country. Everyday thousands of dogs are born, but at the same time thousands are destroyed at animal shelters. There are reasons for this, and there are things we can start doing to change it.

First we need to make sure our pets are spayed or neutered. This not only helps control the population but helps keep our animals healthy."

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alpha99wolf said...

Great job, as always, Jane! I had to catch up on reading all the wonderful articles you have on this blog. Been involved with my own health stuff right now.
Animals really need our help right now. They are helpless. I hope that the words & articles you print reach out to touch the hearts of people to listen. To be proactive. Pets are being abandoned or euthanized due to no fault of their own. We need to be aware of what is happening. Thank you for all your hard work, Jane.