Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kent State Love

Thanks to my friend, LisiBee, for sending this to me.

"It was a frosty night, the grass crunchy underfoot and a hint of snow in the air -- perfect for staying indoors to cuddle.

That's what Jake Muldoon and four friends had in mind when they strutted into Kent State University's Stewart Hall recently.

And, boy, were they shameless, especially that showboat Jake, a real chick magnet with his luxurious golden locks.

But isn't that what we love about dogs? They're affection wrapped in cozy coats, unconditional love on four legs -- exactly the qualities that make Jake, the golden retriever, popular when Kathy Adamle walks him on campus. Students smother him with love and rhapsodize about a dog back home. And then they continue on to class smiling."

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