Friday, June 13, 2008

Operation Roger

"Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport

It is a sad fact that each year, millions of healthy, adoptable animals are admitted to animal shelters or are taken in by animal rescue groups across the United States. Many of these animals are adopted into new homes, but many others are not so fortunate.

It is also a fact there are thousands of homes who would adopt many of these animals, but how do you get a dog in Alabama to a new home in New Hampshire? How do you transport a cat in California to it's forever home in Florida?

Many would dread a 500 mile or more drive, but for us, it's another day at the office-
We are Operation Roger... Truckers Pet Transport.

Operation Roger is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of regional and long-haul truckers who volunteer our time to share our love of animals with people who run animal shelters or animal rescue groups who are trying to save the lives of pets.

We can also help other pet owners by providing pet transportation in special circumstances such as family illness or loss of a loved one.

Many times, an adoption agency has a client in a far away location who is ready, willing and able to adopt a pet, but cannot figure out how to transport the animal to it's new home."

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