Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pet Lifestyle

"I've never really been one to push adoption onto anybody. However, I will plant the seed. I'll offer websites & my own personal experiences in hopes that this will help them decide w/adoption rather than through a petstore &/or breeder. But as with any situation there's not only one clear answer. Wherever you decide to adopt or buy your next animal the root of your decision should involve love. You're not only going to receive the love & loyalty from your pet but you're also going to have to put alot of work, time & love into your new relationship. Sometimes this plan isn't fully thought out & the animal doesn't "fit" the family lifestyle or in the case of Oscar he wasn't the right fit (size) for my two younger cousins."

"Many of the safety concerns we have for ourselves during the hottest months of the year also apply to our pets. Hot weather makes us all a little uncomfortable. But when it's hot for you, it is probably even hotter for your pet — especially if it has a dark coat, a short muzzle (brachycephalic breeds such as bulldogs and pugs), is in its elder years, or has a tendency to overexert itself. Dogs aren't as efficient at cooling down as we are, since they release most of their body heat through panting and the pads of their feet.

Decrease the risks of letting your pet enjoy the outdoors in summer with these tips:"

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Ruth said...

I adopted both of my dogs from a shelter, and it was the best thing I ever did. There's something special about rescued dogs ... like they know they've been given a second chance and there's so much love there to give. A really good example of this is Robin Reynold's Life to the Max. She tells the story of her rescued dog Max and the life lessons having him taught her and her family.