Saturday, December 22, 2007


"Ten million animals are abandoned to shelters and the streets in this country every year. Many of the shelters and the rescue groups that house and feed these animals are struggling to keep them fed. Since 2003 AniMeals has been providing food and supplies for these hungry and homeless animals. We also feed the pets of the homebound and disabled, feral cat colonies and thousands of animals living on the streets. In the last two years we have sent out over 46 tons of food Our territory covers all of Western area of approximately 29,600 square miles. Our deliveries are made by the "AniMeals Express" a volunteer network of drivers."

"If you do a search on the Internet for “rescue dog” you will find endless links for ways to rescue and adopt puppies, adult dogs and abandoned dogs of every imaginable breed, from all around the world. These wonderful humane efforts to place dogs in loving homes are indeed one logical response to “rescue dog,” but the other is the polar opposite, with tales of heroism where it is in fact the dog who rescues the human, or more often, numerous people, trapped in perilous conditions due to earthquakes, avalanches, other natural disasters or manmade destruction."

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