Friday, December 21, 2007

Pet Gifts

"Of the many great gifts to give loved ones during this holiday season, a surprise pet should not be on anyone’s list.

“The adoption and pet supply gift certificates are great for someone who has been thinking about adopting a pet,” said Beth Lockwood, executive director of SPCA Tampa Bay. “Pet ownership is a big responsibility and should be a personal choice. We feel pet owners should be able to select the animal with which they feel a connection. Our gift certificates are a way to give family and friends love for life this holiday season,” said Lockwood."

"A litter of 13 puppies was dropped off at the animal shelter Sunday, which will all but alleviate the shelter's lack of resources.

The Animal Shelter Society, Inc. has really spread itself thin, Shelter Manager Becki Kelso said, and is in need of supplies.

The shelter needs blankets, bath towels, sheets and cleaning supplies, such as liquid laundry soap, bleach and paper towels. It is especially low on dog food - without red dye - for both adults and puppies."

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